Book car servicing in Castleford via our booking system. Simply select the service you require below to get started.
Book a service for your vehicle via our easy-to-use website online booking system. Select the service level you require from the options below and then select a date and time from our live, real-time diary. We don’t take any payment today — this will be settled at the garage when you come to collect your vehicle.
We have dedicated bays and the experience to offer servicing options for most vehicle makes and models at the highest standards. Regular servicing is an important part of your vehicles ongoing maintenance, giving one of our experienced technicians a great opportunity to have a good look inside and around the vehicle.
Regularly serviced vehicles run more efficiently and have longer lifespans as the servicing technician will be able to spot minor problems before they develop into expensive repairs.
For more information on our available servicing options in Castleford call us on 01977 668100 or Contact us using our contact form.


At Savile Road Garage in Castleford we offer two levels of service to suit all our customers.


Our Full Service is a comprehensive servicing option suitable as an annual service for those who exceed 10,000 miles a year. It includes dozens of checks, replacement filters, spark plugs, fresh oil and a top up of all fluids. Additional charges may apply to: Long-Life Oils, Specialist Spark Plugs, Diesel Fuel Filters.


Our Interim Service is a minor service, typically recommended every 6,000 miles or 6 months between your annual service. Low mileage users may find an Interim Service suitable as a replacement for a Full Service every other year. It too includes dozens of checks across the vehicle and fresh oil.