7 Pre MOT tips to help you pass first time

28 October 2019 / info@savileroadgarage.co.uk

Did you know, many cars fail their MOT due to minor issues many of which could be avoided. Follow our 7 easy pre MOT checks to give your car the best chance of passing;


Are they all working? Check all your bulbs including Rear Lights, Headlights & Side lights, Indicators, Hazard Lights and Number Plate Lights


Check your tyres are they the right shape and size? check the tread depth, the legal Minimum is 1.6mm, check for lumps or cuts on the side wall.


Check for holes or tears in the rubber. Do they fully clean the windscreen?


Make sure your footbrake and handbrake work correctly and there are no obvious leaks, check the car does not pull when braking, examine the brake discs for warping or scoring.

Reg Plates:

Make sure your number plates are secure, clean and readable!  There are also rules regarding fonts and spacing so might be worth checking the government website for requirements.

Dash Warning Lights:

Make sure warning lights come on with the ignition and go off as they should. Warning lights that stay on can have a negative impact on your MOT. Also check your speedo is working!

Seats & Seat-belts: 

Does the drivers seat adjust forwards and backwards? Are the seat-belts in good condition without frays or splits? Pull the seat-belts out and check they all work in their buckles. Give the seat-belts a hard tug to check they are working.

2 Bonus Tips:

Make sure your horn works and is loud and clear and Top your screen-wash up!

We hope you find these tips useful and if your MOT is due why not book now using our free online booking system. Our class 4 car MOT is only £35.00.


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